Alexandra started traveling, unknowingly when she left her country of birth, Germany, and moved to the states.

but it wasn't until college when she started to travel to places around the us. 

but then that turned into, 

'Hey, i should visit all major cities in the us" 

that then turned into, 

"Wow i love all the different islands"

 Then turned into 

"Wow Europe, i can't take the beauty overload!"

at 30 years old and over 30 adventures later Alex wants to share her past, present and future experience with aspiring and avid travelers.

"at this point travel is a part of me, learning new languages, meeting different people, smelling different delicacies, enjoying different cultures, and taking in different                                                                                                       wonders. I'm experiencing Gods                                                                                                             masterpiece one adventure at a                                                                                                              time"-   Alexandra 

Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

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Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL

Reine River, Paris, France